Incorporating the Case Fund & the John Gregson Trust

Application process

The Trustees meet twice each year to consider applications submitted to the Secretary.

  • The closing date for consideration at the June meeting is 1st May.
  • The closing date for consideration at the November meeting is 1st October.
  • All applications must be made on the official application form.
  • Supporting documents are not required and should not be sent unless requested to do so by the Secretary following preliminary consideration of the application form.
  • The Secretary will advise the applicant of the outcome of the application as soon as possible after the meeting of the Trustees. If you have not heard by either the middle of July (after consideration at the June meeting), or the middle of December (after consideration at the November meeting), please email the Secretary.
  • Grants will be paid by bank transfer on receipt by email of:
    • satisfactory evidence of expenditure
    • any reports on the project that were a condition of the grant
    • the relevant bank details (bank name, sort code, account name and number.
  • The Secretary will write to applicants when a payment has been made. 

If you are expecting a grant payment, please allow up to three weeks for it to be processed before contacting the Secretary.

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