Incorporating the Case Fund & the John Gregson Trust

Our vision and goals

The Hibbert Trust (incorporating the Case Fund and Gregson Trust) has a shared vision. The Trusts have specific goals.


Our vision is to make an important contribution to the challenges facing the current and future world.

We will do this through:

  • enhancing and sustaining the liberal religious cause
  • encouraging leading edge, radical thinking to benefit progressive, liberal, free and inquiring religion fit for the 21st century through collaborative inquiry
  • supporting development of physical and human environments, appropriate to the needs of the times, that enable exploration in and across communities in inclusive ways, unrestricted by dogma, creed, labels or structures, and that promote full, engaged and meaningful lives and communities of holistic spirituality (mind, body and spirit)
  • promoting education towards ethical maturity for all ages, which helps people to have full, engaged and meaningful lives.


The individual Trusts have specific goals as follows:

  • The Hibbert Trust seeks to promote public interest and private scholarship in "Christianity in its simplest and most intelligible form."
  • The Case Fund seeks to promote liberal religion more generally and upholds "the unfettered exercise of private judgement in matters of religion."
  • The Gregson Trust was established in 1957 with the purpose of giving assistance to “the maintenance of the fabric of Unitarian and Free Christian Church Buildings of historical and architectural merit”.

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