Incorporating the Case Fund & the John Gregson Trust

History of the Trusts

The three trusts were set up by the families of notable Unitarian men. They share trustees although they have distinct areas of interest.

The Hibbert Trust

The Hibbert Trust was founded in 1847 under the will of Robert Hibbert, a Unitarian. It seeks to promote public interest and private scholarship in "Christianity in its simplest and most intelligible form."

The Trust awards scholarships to Unitarian ministers and lay people. It also supports publications such as The Inquirer and Faith & Freedom. It finances projects including international interfaith work and local seminars.

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The Case Fund

The Hibbert Trust also administers the Case Fund, left to the Trust in the will of Reverend George Case. It seeks to promote liberal religion more generally and upholds "the unfettered exercise of private judgement in matters of religion."

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The Gregson Trust

Unitarian, John Thomas Gregson (1862-1949) was born and educated in Bolton. He went to South Africa in 1886 where he made a considerable fortune as a banker. On his retirement he returned to Bolton, where he lived until his death. He was a bachelor, and at his death his only near relatives were his two nieces, Mrs Amy Howarth and Mrs Sybil Dodson.

In his will, he appointed these two nieces as his executors and directed that, after a period of five years, half of his remaining estate should be given to such institutions as his nieces should determine.

The Gregson Trust was established in 1957 to give assistance to “the maintenance of the fabric of Unitarian and Free Christian Church Buildings of historical and architectural merit”.

To-date the Trust has assisted many chapels in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland including all the oldest Unitarian church buildings and meeting houses. The Trust has therefore played an significant role in helping to maintain part of our national religious heritage.

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